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For Pilots, Mountain Climbing and Seniors wanting a long lasting flow of oxygen

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OPB-Oxy2Go is recreational oxygen marketed by OPB Entertainment.  We have been providing oxygen to customers since 2002 when we first opened Oxygen Party Bar in Southern California.  As the business grow, we recognized a need for portable oxygen and we expanded to market Oxygen In A Can with our own brand Sports Oxygen.  The product line has changed over time and today we market Boost Oxygen, Naked Air, Oxygen4Energy along with OPB-Oxy2Go.  We have the most experience with marketing recreational grade oxygen.  We have seen many oxygen bars come and go in our many years of service, but Oxygen Party Bar is still going strong and growing.  Our goal is to bring you the best recreational oxygen products available in the market place..

In the early days few non-medical people knew much about the benefits of oxygen.  About all most people knew was that during WWII pilots would get oxygen in the morning to relieve the discomfort of too much drinking the night before.  It was a fast cure for a hangover without drinking more alcohol before flying their next sortie.  It was a stressful time for combat pilots.

Today the use of oxygen is growing and becoming more popular as people become more aware of the benefits of recreational oxygen.  Pilots use it for high altitude flying.  Athletes use it to restore their energy, hikers use for climbing mountains, and seniors use it when they need a small temporary and portable source of oxygen without carrying a heavy bulky oxygen concentrator.


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