For Pilots, Mountain Climbing and Seniors wanting a long lasting flow of oxygen

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Shipping Regulations

Generally speaking, we ship the same day your order is received if early enough.  Otherwise we will ship the following business day.  Oxygen is considered a HAZMAT commodity and can not be shipped via air without meeting some very expensive requirements.  Therefore all our oxygen products are shipped via ground with US Mail the most common and
 FedEx used foe larger packages.

Because oxygen is classified a HAZMAT commodity, shipping expenses are a little higher than you might normal experience.  Shipping via the USPS, delivery can take up to 10 business days.  Shipping via FedEx, delivery is usually within 5 business days, but is a little more expensive.  FedEx normally delivers to businesses and charges extra for home delivery

Tracking Information - when ordered on line and payed with a credit card or Paypal, you will receive a tracking number via email.  When ordering by phone and FedEx is the carrier, a tracking number is given.  If shipping via USPS, a tracking number will be sent if we have your email address.


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